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The importance of information security in communication networks

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With the continuous development of electronic communication technology, the status of communication security is gradually increasing.

With the continuous development of electronic communication technology, the status of communication security is gradually increasing. More and more enterprises and individuals are beginning to pay attention to whether the information related to themselves is safe. Whether normal communication activities can guarantee business information and personal privacy. The "law does not pass six ears" to avoid being used by "attentive people"; whether daily communication activities can ensure that relevant information can be transmitted to the corresponding information receiver in time to avoid information loss. At this time, communication security has become a part of the entire communication service that cannot be ignored.  


As we all know, communication consists of three basic elements: equipment, network, and information. Therefore, communication security refers to the issues of safe production, security construction, and security management in equipment, network, and information. The so-called communication device refers to a related device for transmitting and receiving the content of the communication information, that is, a communication module and a communication card (SIM card). The communication module determines the access and transmission mode of the information, and is the processor of the communication information, and the SIM card is the authentication device of the communication channel. Only when the communication module uses a SIM card that can be authenticated by the communication carrier can the communication device perform normal network communication activities using the public network defined by the communication carrier.


The main function of the SIM card provided by the communication carrier is the normal network access certificate approved by the built-in communication carrier, and the normal operation status of the communication device is controlled at all times during the communication transmission process. In order to meet this condition, a small storage space is left in the SIM card to run the network access certificate to meet the customer's communication security and operator identification requirements.


The communication network refers to the public network used for communication. At present, the communication market situation in China is firmly occupied by the three communication operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, and the infrastructure for maintaining the security of the communication network is operated by the three major communications. The construction, maintenance and operation of China Tower Co., Ltd., which was jointly invested by the firm. Under the protection of the state-owned system, users often consider the public network problem of which communication carrier to use, and worry about the network fluctuation caused by the catastrophic natural disasters affecting the basic communication facilities. The information security of the communication network is obviously important. It is the easiest to ignore.


When the security protection system of the Internet becomes so vulnerable today, under the dark network of hackers or lawless elements, the invisible security loops are broken again and again, compared with the mature Internet architecture. In the nascent Internet of Things, its fragile security is more immature. For example, at the beginning of last year, foreign smart toys of Spiral Toys Company were attacked by hackers, resulting in the leakage of voice information and account information of 2 million parents and children, which caused serious social hidden problems. It also broke out a company in Shenzhen. The 175,000 IoT security cameras that were built could be hacked, and these security cameras can provide monitoring and multiple security solutions, including webcams, sensors and alarms, to the fullest extent of the consequences. According to statistics, more than 71 million IoT devices with security risks have been exposed worldwide. These devices include various types of devices such as routers, cameras, firewalls, printers, and VPNs. This is enough to show that the security requirements of IoT devices are becoming increasingly prominent.


A general IoT product that integrates sensors and basic communication functions, its security vulnerabilities are even more worrying. On such a low-cost device, too many types of network environments, carrier systems, and operators use a common system that is visible. The weakness of IoT network security, how to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of communication information in the case of IoT information dissemination and reception, to achieve communication security.


In order to ensure the security of communication, the linkage protection between communication equipment and communication network has become a more effective type of communication security scheme. The main practice of this type of communication security scheme is to carry out corresponding security management arrangements on the communication equipment and communication management pipeline, and manage and ensure the security of communication information through the management platform.


Communication equipment monitoring network stability


The communication equipment side mainly monitors the stability of the communication network through the communication module, ensures that the communication information does not disappear or change during the transmission process of the communication network, and returns the corresponding monitoring result to the communication management platform at all times. Problems occur, immediate warnings, and a corresponding troubleshooting process to maintain information integrity and reliability.


Intelligent deployment of communication management platform


The communication management platform side automatically initiates, confirms, terminates and checks each communication process through intelligent deployment. The first thing to ensure is the confidentiality of information. Through the management platform, and using information encryption, authorization authentication, access control, and secure communication protocols, the communication information sent by each communication device is processed accordingly to prevent communication information. It is illegally leaked to unrelated people, so that useful information can only be obtained by authorized objects.


Secondly, it is necessary to satisfy the validity of the information, to ensure that the authorized users are effective in the information acquisition time under normal circumstances, and to obtain the re-acquisition of the communication information under abnormal conditions, and to have secondary acquisition when the network suffers from major fluctuations. Mechanism, so that the information collection process can return to normal in time.


Furthermore, the management platform should intelligently control the timing of information transmission and information storage. In daily information collection, network congestion is a very common network problem. The communication management platform should rationally allocate the corresponding time of information transmission and information storage to avoid Channel congestion occurs during information transmission, improving information management efficiency. Finally, the communication management platform should properly store the obtained information, and confirm that the source of the corresponding information is a reliable source of authentication, and the verification information is valid information, and the invalid information is identified.


It can be seen that in the linkage protection of information security, the main role is the communication management platform. Even in some security management schemes including communication cards, the SDK is written in the communication card, so that the SIM card itself can feed back enough information to the communication management platform, and the SIM card not only functions as a communication authentication. It has also been added to the entire security management system to further strengthen the connection between platforms, devices and SIM cards, and the communication management platform can better implement corresponding security measures.


After that, with the continuous development of this technology, there have also been new technologies for over-the-air card writing and one-card multi-number. The communication management platform can communicate with the SIM card through the SDK in the SIM card according to the strength of the communication signal. The operator adjusts and converts accordingly, automatically switches to the communication operator with better signal, and uses the platform's own effective information recruitment mechanism to achieve real-time communication and never drop the line. This technology largely solves the signal strength caused by different communication operators due to the base station layout, and can play an extremely important role in the use of mobile devices and trade in multinational devices.


Relying on this communication management mode, the three elements of communication equipment, communication network and communication information can be combined to greatly improve data security and data reliability, reduce data loss and data leakage risks, and protect electronic communication. The core and eSIM series chips of the company are integrated with communication network adaptation, device authentication, encryption firmware, and global communication IMSI configuration, which greatly improve the online rate of the device and the security protection of communication services and devices.