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IT Technology

Inception of the company, China Telecom started Can information technology company, as of now, construction companies in the information technology hardware, systems development, management, systems implementation, organizational development and team building has made considerable progress:

1. to build the enterprise information construction of the necessary hardware support platform

Through nearly three years of construction, the company establish a more advanced and fully equipped central office, data storage centers, the purchase of approximately 10 various types of servers, configure the switch 80, with about 400 computers, the network covering the whole of office and production sites all Hardware building basic place.

2. set up a professional organization promoting information technology and management team

In order to promote information technology company, the company set up a special information technology research and management, attention to the introduction of information technology team building, the current from the well-known manufacturing companies, consulting firms, professional software company to introduce core personnel, the company formed a professional team of information technology , The company has more than 20 information technology professionals, professional coverage of hardware management, database management, software development, project management and other fields, information technology for the company reserves and laid the talent base.

3. and well-known software enterprises to join hands to build an advanced manufacturing management platform

The end of 2010, the company's ERP management system in the original - easy to fly, based on the use of success, and Ding Jie Software Co., Ltd. together again, signing a large enterprise resource management software - easy to expand cooperation agreement. ExcelStor ERP implementation, communication and coordination in improving the efficiency of the office and on the basis of information to reduce all kinds of paper flying past, various types of discrete management information storage, information sharing difficulties in the management of various irrational phenomena, so we found a Good business management tool that allows management to quickly grasp all aspects of health, decision making, so that China Can quickly respond to market demand for telecommunications, in the fierce market competition, win, and to achieve world-class management capabilities .